Thoughtful Thursday: Persuasion of Another Kind

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Inspirational Thought of the Day:

Perhaps the art of persuasion is not about getting our way, but about healing and encouraging those around us, instead.

Scripture of the Day:

Proverbs 16:21-24

“The one who is wise in heart is called discerning, and kind speech increases persuasiveness. 22 Insight is like a life-giving fountain to the one who possesses it, but folly leads to the discipline of fools. 23 A wise person’s heart makes his speech wise and it adds persuasiveness to his words. 24 Pleasant words are like a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”

I noticed her heavy spirit as she rang in my food order. Looming over her like a wet blanket, sadness enveloped her but I longed to inject hope and make her smile somehow.

I thought about how I could identify with her and shared some words of encouragement. Without being aware of it, I was seeking to persuade her to feel joy.

How about you? In need of encouragement today? I hope you know that you matter. More than that, you are the apple of God’s eye and He adores you.

Words like this just make my soul sing.  Wouldn’t it be great if we all spoke this way to one another consistently, and just as importantly, spoke to ourselves that way, too?

My inner voice sees my flaws loud and clearly. So does God, but He bids us to look up in His sweet face and whispers life to our souls – persuading and motivating us toward Holiness. What an example of the best use of persuasion – the Creator of our souls wooing us back to who we were meant to be.

Words fly at a rapid pace in this day and age, whether spoken or written. It can be easy for those words to be unchecked, given the sheer volume. But the intentionality of the word, “makes” in the scripture above helps us to realize that we can pause and check ourselves. I am thankful for that. Even when we make a mistake in a moment of passion, we can speak words in humility and love to encourage one we might have hurt with our words.

The more time passes on, we can think we have achieved a new level of communication, but the simple truths presented in this Scripture are refreshing and timeless. Kindness is needed today, and the road to kind speech is paved with wisdom. 

The purpose of our speech should be redemptive and persuasive toward righteousness. This goal can be difficult when our tendency is to be self-focused, but as we seek wisdom our thoughts are transformed.

It has been said that the art of persuasion is getting our way, but perhaps a more admirable goal of persuasive communication is healing and encouragement to those around us. Can we affect someone so they have hope and a different godly perspective?

Words are powerful. Every word we utter ultimately stems from our thoughts and our heart. When we speak life to those around us, sweet words that build up and not tear down, our words heal the soul and might even affect one’s physical health or their eternity. Speak kindly – someone around you might need it more than we know.

Oh God, thank You that you comfort us and continually encourage us in our walk with You. Help us to speak words of life persuading those around us to hope in our living God. 

Thoughtful Thursday: Wise Words


Inspirational Thought of the Day:

Words are important – choose them wisely.

Scripture of the Day:

Proverbs 10:8

“The wise person accepts instructions, but the one who speaks foolishness will come to ruin. 10 The one who winks his eye causes trouble, and the one who speaks foolishness will come to ruin.”

I’ve got writing deadlines and recording deadlines looming over me and yet I still want to take the time to write to you what God has impressed upon my heart.

As I contemplate each word He pours out through His Holy Spirit in His Word, I am undone. There is so much to say that could never be fully communicated. His principles are just, His ways are perfect. I am humbled in His presence.

To a culture where quick comebacks and flashy motions rule the day, this reminder from Proverbs stands as a testimony that a haughty spirit, popularity in the world and a fast-paced lifestyle are not near to the heart of God.

When we consider that speaking folly leads to ruin, it can give us pause to more carefully speak words that glorify God and communicate grace and truth.

My children and I enjoy watching movies depicting a time period a couple hundred years ago in which the characters spoke thoughtfully to one another. Their purpose in communicating was intentional and clear. No ambiguity. Today people tend to speak without thinking.

Perhaps it is easy to gloss over our vocabulary when so many words are spoken, but the Holy Spirit can help us to recognize when our speech is ungodly, flattering or foolish. The eloquence of earlier times may be a distant memory, but it is worth remembering.

Lord, may our speech be pleasing to Your ear and our words honor You.

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