Ever felt embarrassed just at your own presence? Somehow you are not enough. You don’t feel pretty or smart enough. Shame. Afraid to speak up, for fear of being found to be inferior? Shame. Struggling with financial circumstances and feel less than? Shame. Did you make a mistake that you feel you cannot overcome? Shame. Feel like you have to apologize for having an opinion? Shame. Or maybe it was a heart wrenching traumatic event that has left you feeling disillusioned and broken. Shame.
What a shame. Our appearance, position, status, what we do or where we come from could never define us. Yet this world tries to label and place us in boxes that limit us. God already defined us and gave us His identity – as His beloved child. And He wants to remove all the shame you have been carrying around for so long. Let go of the shame and adopt God’s perspective of you, instead.
Shame Off You shares how freedom can be found in choosing to break the cycle of shame by learning from the past, developing healthy thinking patterns, silencing lies, and overcoming the traps of vanity and other people’s opinions. Come on, you can do it. God wants to set you free. Join the Shame Off You revolution this August and live the abundant life Christ promised.


Hope. An anchor for the soul, yet often hooked on temporal things. Continually on a quest for this yearning within us, our souls hunger for the moment our hopes are realized. But what really is hope and what happens when the hopes we have are crushed?

Explore the hope or lack of hope you have in this 31-Day devotional and find a new Hope Reinvented, formed in the crucible of hardship, authentic and eternal. God sees you and He has a hope for you that never fails.

Read the book, watch worship videos that correspond with the devotionals in the book, or watch 31 Facebook Live devotionals below. The hope continues as you read weekly blog posts infused with hope on the Seeing Deep blog.

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