Day 79 Bible Reading Plan

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Happy Freebie Friday – a day early! Because I got rattled from the gunshot and declared it Friday! LOL. Subscribers to the Bible Reading Plan get a freebie every Friday!

Guys, when the struggle is real and we don’t know what to do, we can look to the example of Hannah. In the middle of hard, if we will cry out to God, God will meet us in that place. When we encounter grief and shame, we don’t need to try to pretend we are ok or to try and fix our situation or cover up our shame. And when we go to the only One who can heal our brokenness and shame, the LORD of Hosts, we rise above our pain and shame.

There would not be any testimony if we did not first have tests. God sees you, friend, and He is working your circumstances together for your good and His glory. Sometimes in our seasons of hard, we don’t see the end, but God does. We get to the mountaintops from what we learn in the valley. He is our Healer, our Provider, Our Savior.

7-Fold One-Year Bible Reading Plan

Day #79: 1 Samuel 1-5

Scripture of the Day: 1 Samuel 3:12-13


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Bible Reading Plan:

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