Thankful for recognition

I am truly honored as a newbie here that Ellie with would nominate me for two awards.  Thank you for your encouragement, Ellie!  It has been such a joy getting to meet many folks who are so gifted in writing and an inspiration to me to join their ranks.  I accept the Versatile Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award.  Check out Ellie’s blog, bursting with joy and wisdom for everyday life.  versatileblogger11[1]


The rules of acceptance for the above awards are as follows:

1)  Thank the person who has nominated you.

2)  Place the award badges on your blog page.

3)  Answer the ten questions listed below.

4)  Pay it forward!  Nominate ten deserving bloggers for the same awards. See, Easy Peasy . . .

So now let me answer those “Ten Delightful Questions” and I’d love to know how anyone else would answer them if one sticks out:                           

1)  What is my favorite food? Barbeque!!!

2)  Who is my favorite actor? Kirk Cameron.

3)  What is my favorite television show?  I know, boring – Fox News.  (o:  Christian Fitness is behind that!

4)  What is my favorite “Tear Jerker? Sense and Sensibility.

5)  Tea or Coffee?  Both!  LOL.  Coffee in the morning, Kombucha tea during the day, and hot tea at night.

6)  What is my favorite sport?  Baseball. 

7)  What is my lucky number? Number 7 because it’s the number of completion.

8)  What is my favorite holiday?  Thanksgiving.

9)  Twitter or Facebook? Facebook.

10)  What is my favorite Christmas movie? “Little Women”

Now the Ten Deserving Bloggers Nominated Are:


10 thoughts on “Thankful for recognition

  1. Just came across this. I am new to blogging and this post led me to ten great blogs. I read at least one post from 8 of the blogs so far and was really ministered to and encouraged. Am having a hard night and thought I would forgo the movie I rented and read inspired words of encouragement instead. Still hurting but fighting!


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